wow I regret posting this; I honestly like this graphic because it was a cool scale of abstraction but all the comments on this are just shaming people who draw beyond 5 or people who draw beyond 5 ~ironically~ or futiley and are trying to “improve” to reach 1 and 2 and sorry maybe this is immature of me to get angry about but some really mean comments are showing up on my dash now as in “I only draw 6 or 7 when I’m lazy or if I’m making fun of anime style” I mean FucK oFF!! why haven’t we gotten past the fact that there is no such thing as a style hierarchy, especially when it comes to faces god I am so tired of everyone’s fixation on FACES. Just because someone doesn’t want to draw lips or nostrils doesn’t mean they are lazy or because they can’t!!

like I don’t even see what’s so terribly wrong with 9?? I know a ton of artists that draw close to that point that are great?? JESUS

traced front and back model.

i got a hard copy from art class because we had to do outfit designing, so i just linearted it




Just came across this online: a giant photoshoot of Olympic-level athletes, labelled ‘athletic body diversity reference for artists’. Click through for the whole photoset. Awesome reference material, now could we please send it to out to every comic book artist ever to try and stop the plague of female superheroes whose lifestyle of badassery somehow leads tiny wasp-waited figures and stick arms and giant boobs?

(Source: wayward-mobs)


Female proportions 8 1/2 head high.


Different Male Bodies.


The proportions of the female body in an original sketch by pin-up artist Fritz Willis. It was published in the Walter T. Foster book, “The Nude.”


Drawing of proportions of a figure for fashion design from Figure Drawing for Fashion Design by Elisabetta Drudi.


(via Animopus: Hand Poses Galore!)

Some great hand poses / reference here.

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